Pre-Divorce Planning: Steps to Ensure You are Prepared

Pre-Divorce Planning: Steps to Ensure You are Prepared

Experiencing marital difficulties and contemplating a separation or divorce involves an enormous amount of stress. While it may seem hard just to keep up with your job, your children, or daily household tasks, there are some important issues that need to be addressed during this time. Decisions made in a divorce have the potential to impact you both now and in the years to come. The following highlights some simple tips to ensure you are prepared.


Gathering Evidence


As an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney, we know that each divorce is as unique as the people involved. In some cases, a couple may choose to split on amicable terms, as the result of basic differences that have become more obvious over the years, or simply due to growing apart. In other cases, divorce is more contentious, with one or the other being to blame and ongoing disputes over children and how property and assets are divided.


Under the New Jersey Statutes, the cause of your divorce may play a significant role in how your case eventually gets settled. In granting your divorce and in resolving important issues related to a settlement order, such as property division, custody of children, or spousal support, marital misconduct may be a factor. If you suspect your partner is cheating, has an alcohol problem or gambling addiction, or flies into frequent rages that border on abuse, take the following actions now:


  • Gather evidence: This may be in the form of letters, financial statements, or voicemail recordings.
  • Document everything: Keep a journal noting specific dates and times each incident occurs. This could prove vitally important whenever you eventually decide to file.
  • Protect yourself: Keep your eye on property and financial accounts, as well as emergency funds just in case.


Divorce can get nasty and problems can escalate. If at any point you feel you are in danger, leave and contact law enforcement right away.


Making Sure You are Prepared


In addition to gathering evidence that may be relevant in your divorce proceedings, you also want to be sure you are prepared when negotiating settlements and in protecting your own financial security. MarketWatch advises that being organized can save you both time and money in court costs and attorney fees, while ensuring you may a quick financial recovery after your receive a final judgement in your case. Steps to take now include:


  • Make a list of all personal property and real estate you and your husband own. Be sure and include homes, vehicles, recreational equipment, furnishings, artwork, and antiques.
  • Make a list of all financial assets, including checking and savings accounts or investment funds. Do not forget your 401k or pension benefits.
  • If you or your spouse own a business, even if it is a partnership, get a current valuation.
  • Establish your own bank account. If you have direct deposit or any individual savings, divert these funds here.
  • Open up a credit card or take out a small personal loan in your name. You will need to re-establish your individual credit post divorce. Make a purchase and be prompt in repayment.
  • Consider trying to pay off any credit cards or outstanding debts you and your spouse currently owe.


Our Experienced New Jersey Divorce Attorney is Here to Help


At the Law Office Of Jordan B. Rickards, we provide the trusted legal guidance and aggressive representation you need when facing the prospect of a divorce. To request a free consultation to discuss your particular situation with our New Jersey divorce attorney, reach out and contact our Milltown office today.

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