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If you or a loved one is facing legal issues in or near Middlesex County New Jersey, the situation may be confusing and stressful, to say the least.

Understanding your rights and options in these cases is of immense importance; legal issues can provide a path to a greater place of well-being, but mistakes can also be catastrophic.

As such, securing the right legal counsel is critical.

Attorney Jordan B. Rickards has over a decade of experience practicing law in such areas as personal injury, civil, criminal, municipal and juvenile matters. Mr. Rickards, a former assistant prosecutor for over three years, has handled close to 3,000 cases, from simple estate planning to felony crimes. His experience has armed him with a methodical and zealous approach to law.

He has also worked public service jobs for the Attorney General of New Jersey, the Superior Court of New Jersey, and as a public defender for East Brunswick. He is also available to litigate dental malpractice cases in conjunction with Dr. Robert Rickards Dentistry, conveniently located in the Rickards Professional Building.

When clients partner with Jordan Rickards, they know the depth and breadth of experience they are getting — including extensive courtroom experience. In addition to his demonstrable track record, he graduated from both college and law school with honors, and gained admission to the high IQ society Mensa based on test performance at age eight. Additionally, he has been nominated for the state senate, and was twice endorsed by the Home News for elected office.

To schedule an initial consultation with lawyer Jordan B. Rickards, call 732-297-8200 or email the firm.