Custody and Visitation

There is nothing more sacred than a parent’s relationship with their child.  If you, your co-parent or family member is seeking custody or visitation with your child, you should consult with Jordan B. Rickards immediately.

It’s not enough to simply show up to family court and hope for a favorable outcome.  The court’s decision about where, when, and with whom your child spends his or her time is dependent upon evidence and testimony given in formal hearings.  Your work, friends, and personal issues may all be taken into account.  Every detail of your life could enormously affect the final decision, and that final decision will determine not only physical custody, but also legal custody (which parent decides where the child attends school, what activities the child partakes in, his or her medical treatment, even religious upbringing), and the amount of child support each parent is obligated to pay, including potentially for college, amongst other things

Therefore, it is imperative that you have caring and dedicated representation in your corner.  Contact Jordan B. Rickards today to safeguard the relationships between you and your loved ones.