• Very Impressive Representation.

    I called Mr. Rickards to represent me for a criminal charge. He got back to me immediately which I thought was amazing, having dealt with other attorneys I have found that they usually don't. Jordan called me back, and spent the time he needed to spend with me on the phone to get every detail on the matter. He set an appointment for a couple of days later, and we were ready to go to court. He was very knowledgeable, and what impressed me the most, was his," I refuse to lose" attitude. I was innocent and he knew it, and he was determined to win. We won alright. I was extremely impressed with the entire way he handled everything that was thrown at him. I have since referred friends to him for various issues, and they are all very pleased with his representation. Five stars, hands down the best.

  • Excellent

    The story of how I met Jordan is amazing. I was dealing with a Family Court issue at that time, when I decided to get the highest quality of attorney for my case. My first thought was to review the list of attorneys I was provided with, Jordan's name stood out. My next thought was to google his name to see what I could find. In a very short time I found a brilliant article about him. At that moment, I knew, he was the perfect attorney to defend my case.
    Without knowing him, I immediately placed a phone call to make an appointment. As soon as I met him, I saw how he lives up to his high credentials. His outstanding professional and personal approach to his work is what makes him who he is. Jordan is a very smart attorney. He is down to earth and has that special human touch that immediately puts his clients and everyone he works with at ease.
    Have you ever met an attorney that gives you that kind of confidence about your case from the very beginning?
    I never did before until I met Jordan. His knowledge and experience is paramount. I am very impressed with him and will always highly recommend Jordan.

  • Totally satisfied.

    If you're looking for a good, sharp lawyer Mr. Jordan Rickards is the guy for the job. He exceeded my expectations. I was totally satisfied with his service.

  • Professional, smart, and Kind.

    I can't speak more highly of Mr. Rickards and feel confident that he will be able to sift through the legalese that confused me in order to establish a fair outcome.

  • Excellent, Knowledgeable, and Dedicated to Serving His Clients

    During our initial consultation with Jordan, my husband and I had complete confidence and faith in Jordan's experience and knowledge of family law. He took the time to understand the background of our 10+ year struggle in family court with my husband's "challenging" ex. Jordan provided solid advice and recommendations to mediate our modification, child support and emancipation matters.

    On the day of our hearing, he did not disappoint! His professionalism and care in navigating a very delicate and emotional family matter was greatly appreciated.

    Hands-down, Jordan is super honest and diligent about handling matters quickly, which keeps costs extremely reasonable. I highly recommend Jordan!

  • Responsive, knowledgeable and very nice.

    I was trying to help my father find a lawyer and I came across all of the positive reviews for Mr. Rickards so I decided to email him a brief summary of my fathers issue. He called me back with in a couple of hours and gave me his professional opinion regarding the situation. Although Mr. Rickards didn't take on my fathers case, he recommended someone who could help him further. During our conversation Mr. Rickards proved to be very knowledgeable and was extremely nice and gave very practical advice.

  • Jordan Rickards All the Way!

    Jordan is both extremely knowledgeable and informative. He is personable in a way that he is realistic yet calming. He sets the expectation and then fulfills the goal.

  • A great upcoming lawyer with a bright future.

    Jordan Rickards is a bright, articulate man with great networking in Legal circles. His firm has been my "go-to" company for relevant legal work. He has a great future ahead of him!

  • The Best Lawyer.

    One of the best lawyers or the best lawyer that I've ever had, and was very informative, and shows that he really Cared for my well being.

  • Top Notch Service.

    Jordan is a lawyer who understands that clients are coming in to him with major challenges. Nary does a man consult legal when things are at peace, but at conflict, and Jordan pitched a perfect game when I asked him to throw a no hitter. He was able to help calm down the pizzaz from my incident and put together a gameplan to help me. He secured a way to help keep my record clean and was transparent and caring each step of the way. He would not hesitate to spend a few extra minutes getting to know me as a client, both because it would help him get a sense of me and the case, but also because I believe Jordan is a good human being. Bring your quarrels, your issues, your drama to him; for Jordan was a wizard throughout my case, and I can imagine countless others before and after mine.

  • Smart, Caring Attorney

    Jordan took the time to sit with me and my son to get to know us before deciding what he could do to help us. This man is top notch, caring and smart. Thankfully, he gave my son back his life. He was kind enough to add us to his prayer list. You don't come across too many public defenders who actually want to be involved in helping families.

  • Highly Recommended

    Mr. Rickards helped me with a letting a suspended driver operate my vehicle ticket. It was a very harsh ticket and could of resulted in 6 mo license suspension. I contacted many lawyers, in which they all said they could possibly get the ticket dismissed. Mr. Rickards was the only one who said he would DEF get it dismissed, even if he had to take it to trial. After only one court date he got my ticket dismissed, just as he had promised. He answered all of my questions, was very helpful, and made the whole situation less stressful. If I ever need a lawyer again, Mr. Rickards would be the first person I'd call. I highly recommend him.

  • Thank you so much.

    Thank you so much for all of your exertions on our behalf. You have done a most excellent job in difficult circumstances to say the least and have reached a successful conclusion, in good humor, in spite of the manifold follies of others. Congratulations. We are so very happy to have met you and would be delighted to recommend your services to others should the occasion arise. Best of luck in all of your endeavors.

  • Traffic Law

    Jordan Rickards legal actions are to be complemented, he has a hard straight line to the incident at hand, Mr Rickards had handled my case with Knowledge, Respect and Demeanor, Mr Rickards has settled my case quickly and was very reasonably priced, for my case Jordan Rickards was a good decision for me and I would definitely recommend his services

    Thank You Jordan Rickards for your professionalism and respect.

  • Simply the Best

    Executing an estate from far away is, at best, a trial. Thanks to this young man for his part in making the sale of part of the estate as seamless as possible. We deal with a lot of attorneys and, I must say, Jordan has been the absolute best of the lot. He is professional, honest and all round a pleasure to deal with.

Rated 5 out of 5 from 16 Clients