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Six Estate Planning Resolutions for the New Year
While people are often quick to make New Year’s Eve resolutions only to forget about them midway through January, there are some concrete actions you can and should take now, [...]
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Choosing an Executor/Administrator for Your Will
Having a legal, valid, and up-to-date will in place is crucial to ensuring that the people you love inherit from your estate, while helping them to avoid the time consuming [...]
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Wills and Other Advanced-Planning Documents You Need to Have in Place
In the midst of leading a busy life, many people fail to take the time to consider what might happen if they die without a will or advanced directive (otherwise [...]
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What You Should Know About Changing Your Name Legally in the US
One might want to change their name legally for a number of reasons at any point in their life. Some change the name they were given at birth after marriage, [...]
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Will and Power of Attorney
Will A will or ‘testament’ (as it colloquially referred to sometimes) is a binding legal document in most countries in the world today. It is usually though a document referred to as ‘last [...]
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How to Create a Valid Will in New Jersey
As you grow your family and career, the question of what happens when you pass becomes important to answer. No one wants to dwell on such a morbid topic, but [...]
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How Do You Know When You Need a Will?
People have many questions when it comes to wills. Unfortunately, people tend not to ask these questions until they are far along in life or are dealing with a potentially [...]
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