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Four Important Issues When Building a Strong Criminal Defense
When facing charges related to any type of crime in Milltown, it is important to immediately get an experienced, aggressive Middlesex County criminal defense attorney on your side. Attempting to [...]
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Protecting Your Reputation When Facing Criminal Charges
Criminal charges wreak havoc on your life. A conviction remains a part of your permanent record, potentially preventing you from getting certain jobs, going to school, or holding positions within [...]
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Four Possible Alternatives to a Jail Sentence For Criminal Charges in New Jersey
Facing criminal charges can impact every area of your life. For students, it can affect college loans and get you kicked out of classes. For working adults, it can result [...]
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New Jersey Continues to Crackdown on Gang Activity
Gangs began taking root more than 40 years ago in the U.S., mostly popping up in major cities along the east and west coast. Over the past 20 years, the [...]
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