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How to Make Sharing Custody Easier for You and Your Child
When parents divorce, one of their primary concerns is the health and well-being of their children. Depending on the details surrounding the situation, the court is likely to require that [...]
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Holding the Other Parent Accountable for Child Support
Parents have a duty and an obligation to provide for their children, even if they are not living with them in the same home. For couples who are going through [...]
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Parental Alienation: When One Parent Tries to Turn the Children Against the Other
Child custody cases often involve strong and possibly contentious feelings on the part of the parents. Whether they are an unmarried couple or in the process of getting a divorce, [...]
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Helping Your Child Adjust to Custody Arrangements
Divorce is never easy. For parents, one of the primary concerns is how the situation will likely impact their children. Going from living with both parents in the family home [...]
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Common Issues in Child Custody Cases
Child custody and time-sharing arrangements are among the most hotly contested disputes in divorce cases. In addition to putting your rights as a parent and your ability to foster a [...]
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How Can I Get Full Custody of My Children?
The most straightforward way to get custody of your kids is to hire an experienced family lawyer. In a divorce, parents are typically most worried about what will happen to [...]
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