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New Jersey Continues to Crackdown on Gang Activity
Gangs began taking root more than 40 years ago in the U.S., mostly popping up in major cities along the east and west coast. Over the past 20 years, the [...]
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How a Criminal Conviction Impacts Other Areas of Your Life
When facing any type of criminal charges in New Jersey, it is important to get an experienced criminal defense attorney on your case immediately. Your attorney acts as a strong [...]
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Estate Planning Tips to Get Your Child Ready for College
For parents of high school graduates, the summer months are often busy planning for the college semester looming ahead. Both the future college student and his or her family are [...]
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Tips on Talking to Children About Your Divorce
The breakup of a marriage is never easy. It can be particularly painful when there are children involved. Young people are resilient and do have a tendency to bounce back [...]
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Early Warning Signs of Domestic Abuse
In marriages in which domestic violence is a factor, it often comes as a shock to the victim when a partner acts out against him or her in a threatening [...]
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White Collar Crimes in Public Eye
White collar crimes are typically those that involve non-violent offenses committed by people in the professional community and those holding high-level positions. They often have to do with fraud or [...]
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Harsh Tactics Your Spouse May Use During Divorce
Going through a divorce is not an easy process. Particularly if your spouse did not want a divorce, there are harsh tactics he or she may utilize to make the [...]
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Questions Before Signing a Divorce Agreement
Decisions made during divorce proceedings can have a major impact on your future financial security. Getting the maximum amount you are entitled to in a divorce settlement should be a [...]
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Five Items That Often Get Overlooked in Wills and Other Estate Planning Document
Having estate planning documents in place, such as a will, living will, and powers of attorney, helps to protect you and your loved ones when the unexpected occurs. A surprising [...]
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Behaviors That Could Jeopardize Your Rights in Child Custody Proceedings
As a parent, the prospect of child custody proceedings can fill you with a sense of dread. There are behaviors on your part that can impact these proceedings, putting your [...]
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