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DWI Arrests Can’t Be Expunged
DWI Arrests Can’t Be Expunged Expungement is a means for opening doors of opportunity. Unfortunately, not all crimes are eligible, and motor vehicle offenses are never eligible. As such, a [...]
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Not All Crimes Are Eligible for Expungement in New Jersey
If you were ever arrested and/or convicted of a criminal offense in the State of New Jersey, it may be possible to have that record expunged.  If successful, an expungement [...]
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The Juvenile Justice System and the Need for a Competent Juvenile Lawyer
The Juvenile Justice System and the Need for a Competent Lawyer Few things are as frightening to a parent as learning that a beloved child is in trouble with the [...]
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Client Review 2 Rickards
“Mr. Rickards did a great job, is very professional, and was superb, in significantly reducing my large traffic violations! He is on my very high to recommend list to anyone [...]
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Client Review 1 Rickards
“Mr. Rickards was excellent. I gave him a difficult task, basically asking him to throw a no hitter. He then proceeded to pitch a perfect game. All the while he [...]
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What Is a Premises Liability Claim?
A New Jersey personal injury attorney encounters a variety of cases, and one of the most common are premises liability claims. This cause of action arises when someone is injured [...]
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How Do You Know When You Need a Will?
People have many questions when it comes to wills. Unfortunately, people tend not to ask these questions until they are far along in life or are dealing with a potentially [...]
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Don’t Face DUI Charges Alone
Don’t Face DUI Charges Alone Often when you get an ordinary traffic ticket, you aren’t required to appear in court. You can simply pay the fine and move on with [...]
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Personal Injury Lawyers Helping Car Accident Victims
Auto accidents are an all too common occurrence. Frequently, a collision results in injuries that can keep you from working or enjoying the pastimes you love. If you’ve been injured [...]
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An Expungement Can Change Your Life
An Expungement Can Change Your Life Sometimes one bad decision seems to follow you around for life. You’ve paid your fine, served time and fulfilled all of the requirements of [...]
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