November 2018

Uncontested Divorce? Why You Still Need an Experienced Family Law Attorney
Divorce has a profound effect on every area of your life. Even in cases in which you and your spouse are on amicable terms, going through the process can pose [...]
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Should You Opt for a Separation Prior to Getting Divorced?
Filing a divorce is a major decision and nothing to rush into. While in some circumstances, the choice to legally end your marriage is obvious, there are others in which [...]
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Helping Your Child Adjust to Custody Arrangements
Divorce is never easy. For parents, one of the primary concerns is how the situation will likely impact their children. Going from living with both parents in the family home [...]
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Avoid a DUI Over the Holiday Season
Being cited for driving under the influence of alcohol can wreak havoc on every area of your life. In addition to resulting in fines and a potential jail sentence, it [...]
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Common Issues in Child Custody Cases
Child custody and time-sharing arrangements are among the most hotly contested disputes in divorce cases. In addition to putting your rights as a parent and your ability to foster a [...]
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Four Strategies for Dealing With Divorce Over the Holidays
Going through the breakup of a marriage and filing for divorce is difficult at any time of the year. Unfortunately, the holidays put additional pressure on you and increase the [...]
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Four Common Defenses Against Criminal Charges
Otherwise honest, hardworking, and upright citizens in the community can find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Whether you are facing relatively minor charges or have been accused [...]
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