October 2018

Pre-Divorce Planning: Steps to Ensure You are Prepared
Experiencing marital difficulties and contemplating a separation or divorce involves an enormous amount of stress. While it may seem hard just to keep up with your job, your children, or [...]
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Getting Your Fair Share During Divorce Property Division
Over the course of your marriage, you and your spouse may have accumulated a significant amount of property and assets. During your divorce, you want to be sure you get [...]
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Warning Signs of Domestic Violence in Divorce
Going through the breakup of a marriage, the resulting separation, and an ensuing divorce proceedings is never easy. Unfortunately, in some cases, it can bring out hostile and aggressive behaviors [...]
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Wills and Other Advanced-Planning Documents You Need to Have in Place
In the midst of leading a busy life, many people fail to take the time to consider what might happen if they die without a will or advanced directive (otherwise [...]
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