March 2018

Do I Face Jail Time for Simple Assault?
Simple assault may be called simple, but in the eyes of the justice system, it is anything but. Assault is assault no matter which way you look at it, and [...]
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Do I Have a Claim for Slip and Fall Compensation?
Slip and fall claims are some of the most common types of claims brought to civil court. However, that does not make them the most successful. Slip and fall claims [...]
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Will I Have to Pay Alimony After My Divorce?
Divorce is expensive, and for many people, the expenses do not end after the judge hands down a final order. People forced to make support payments for years after parting [...]
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New Jersey Marijuana Laws
Like most states in the Union, New Jersey is seeing a major overhaul of drug laws. Many of the changes have to do with marijuana. Marijuana is no longer being [...]
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Child Support Payment Law in New Jersey
What are the Child Support Laws in New Jersey? Child support is necessary in all divorce cases involving children. How much child support a person has to pay depends on [...]
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Rickards wins pardon for client from Governor Christie
Governor Christ Christie, in one of his last acts in public office, has granted a pardon application filed by Jordan B. Rickards on behalf of a client. The client had [...]
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Rickards Wins Post-Conviction Relief Petition
The Law Office of Jordan B. Rickards has prevailed in a petition for post-conviction relief in Somerset County Superior Court, resulting in a seven-year-old indictment being dismissed, and allowing for [...]
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