March 2016

How Courts Determine Child Custody in New Jersey
Custody of minor children is often a contested issue. It can be difficult for parents to put aside their feelings and remain objective about the best situation for the kids. [...]
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New Client Review: “I was totally satisfied.”
“If you’re looking for a good, sharp lawyer Mr. Jordan Rickards is the guy for the job. He exceeded my expectations. I was totally satisfied with his service.” — Daniel Click [...]
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How to Create a Valid Will in New Jersey
As you grow your family and career, the question of what happens when you pass becomes important to answer. No one wants to dwell on such a morbid topic, but [...]
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Everything You Need to Know About Wrongful Death Suits in New Jersey
Moving on after a loved one has been killed is incredibly difficult. There is no real way to comprehend an unexpected loss. When the passing came about because of someone [...]
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5 Signs You Need to Call a Personal Injury Attorney
When someone suffers a personal injury in a car accident caused by another driver, he or she is probably wondering whether an attorney is really necessary. Many people think of lawyers [...]
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New Client Review: Excellent, Knowledgeable, and Dedicated to Serving His Clients
“During our initial consultation with Jordan, my husband and I had complete confidence and faith in Jordan’s experience and knowledge of family law. He took the time to understand the [...]
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New Client Review: “Simply The Best”
“Executing an estate from far away is, at best, a trial. Thanks to this young man for his part in making the sale of part of the estate as seamless [...]
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